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Dynamic Monarchanism: The Earliest Christology?

Thomas E. Gaston

“Dynamic Monarchianism” is a term used in histories of Christian dogma to describe one view of the relationship between God and Jesus in the second, third, and fourth centuries. This view is classed as being heretical as it is in conflict with orthodox teaching regarding the Trinity, the view that God is three Persons (Father, Son and Spirit) existing in one Substance. Whilst the early church “fathers” often assumed some connection between those who held this view, modern scholarship has tended to treat them as isolated cases. In this book Thomas Gaston argues that the Dynamic Monarchians were connected not by personal contact, or by being a separate church, but because they drew from a shared tradition. Further, he argues that this tradition pre-dates Trinitarian Christologies and may be the earliest Christology. [Cover art not final]

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An Humble Inquiry into the Scripture-Account of Jesus Christ [Updated Edition]

Thomas Emlyn

with an introduction by Kegan A. Chandler
edited by Dale Tuggy and Kegan A. Chandler

In 1702 the English Presbyterian minister and theologian Thomas Emlyn wrote An Humble Inquiry, a succinct and erudite argument for the subordination of Jesus Christ to God the Father. Because of his unitarian understanding of biblical christology and theology he was expelled by his denomination, and in 1703 he was tried for blasphemy by the state. Sentenced to prison and deprived of his wealth, Emlyn’s persecution by both the state and his fellow Protestants became an exemplar of the need for religious tolerance.

This new Updated Edition makes Emlyn’s potent and controversial eighteenth-century book accessible to twenty-first century readers, and is enhanced by notes, scriptural citations, a complete bibliography of Emlyn’s writings, and a historical introduction.

Release Date: August 15, 2021
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Monotheism, History, and Heresy:
Essays on Biblical Monotheism and the Gospel

Dale Tuggy

What can we learn from how the biblical authors use the words “God” and “Lord”? How exactly can one start with the Bible and derive a truly trinitarian theology from what it does and doesn’t say? Or can it be shown that any trinitarian (triune-God) theology clashes with clear New Testament teaching? What does it mean to call someone a “heretic,” and is there some “doctrine of the Trinity” which is essential to the Gospel? Are “unitarian” Christian theologies a recent phenomenon or a product of Enlightenment “rationalism”? How do the biblical authors think that Jesus and God (a.k.a. “the Father) are related to one another? And is the Bible consistent with claims that Jesus and the Father are different “Persons” while being one and the same God?

In this collection of previously unpublished essays, analytic theologian Dale Tuggy applies intellectual tools from analytic philosophy such as conceptual analysis, careful definitions, and explicit deductive arguments to problems of New Testament interpretation and Christian theology. [Cover art not final]

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